Plain and Simple… Joy

Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile. ~ W.T. Grenfell

Joy, like happiness and freedom, is a major prize of hard work. And like happiness and freedom, joy eludes those who seek it directly. It is a result of, and dependent on, something else. 

Joy is a secondary effect of a primary action. When we create an environment that supports and encourages someone else, we find joy in the doing. There may be no more valuable human enterprise than lightening someone else’s load, lending someone who’s lost to the safe road, or extending a hand to someone who has fallen.

Such opportunities present themselves daily to recovering people. At every meeting we’re in touch with people who greatly need the counsel, wisdom, and example of those who have made a decision about the past, have left behind what was, and are creating sweet new days as they walk the path of recovery.

If we hope to know joy, we must share what we have. 

This is from my IOP, they have a reading from, actually, I don’t know where they get these. lol Anyway, the ones that resonate with me, I like to share. I believe that joy comes from giving freely of that which I have to give. Even in the most dire circumstances. Actually, being in a bad situation, especially financial, is the best time to give freely. A smile, a tissue, a compliment, a kind word, support, an ear to listen… you get the picture. Giving doesn’t have to mean financial and there is no dollar sign attached to joy.

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~Diana (April 25, 2015) 

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