Dissociation and The Big Bad Wolf

I am so hurt I don’t know where to start here. I was not going to comment on one particular subject but seeing I am being slandered with rumors on Facebook by my own family I have to say something. They say I’m bashing them in my blogs, sorry but at this stressful time in my life they are the last things I have to blog about. If they want to read into things and twist them around to make themselves feel better or play the victim, I cannot stop them. I have been protected from seeing the actual postings for the most part… but I have had a couple mutual friends asking me what is going on and why they as well as their friends etc. are bashing me. I guess it’s ok for them to slander me, make things up and try to censor me from my writing. Where the fuck am I living? In some communist country??

Here is what I know:

  • Fact: I was in the hospital under observation the weekend of my nephews fiance’s bridal shower.
  • Fact: My siblings did not even call, text or anything to see how I was.
  • Fact: I had stated I did not want my family coming to visit for more than one reason.
  • Reason 1: I was under obs in the psych unit and only there for the weekend, Friday evening (getting settled, no visitors would have been allowed at that point anyway) Saturday and part of the afternoon Sunday when I went home.
  • Reason 2: For them to visit, the only time they would have actually been able to visit would have been Saturday. The day of the bridal shower and I’m sure the mother of the groom needs to be at her future daughter-in-law’s bridal shower. I did not want to put that on them.
  • They “claim” I have blocked them etc… not true prior to this statement, it is true now, they are blocked from my Facebook. Just the 2 sisters. I had (what was supposed to be) temporarily unfriended them due to me not being able to go to the shower or the wedding because of financial and transportation issues. My son’s car is still in need of motor mounts and excessive or hilly driving is not recommended and the wedding is out-of-state. I knew there would be a bunch of pictures from the happy occasions and to see them, even the thought of accidentally seeing pictures that I was not a part of would be a knife to the heart. I love my nephew and his fiance and he is the first of the cousins to get married and my son and I have to miss out. If we were offered a way to go now, it would be way too late.
  • Fact: No one has even bothered to ask or offer any help to get us at least to the wedding. No one has even asked why we weren’t going.
  • Fact: They are making assumptions and making fools of themselves. It’s killing me what they are going out of their way to do.
  • Fact: As far as I am concerned, I am an only child.
  • Fact: I am not going to be concerned with them or their antics any more.
  • Fact: If necessary I will report them to Facebook.
  • I need to do what I need to do to continue my progress and it does not include getting stabbed in the back.

I am very deeply hurt that they are stating things as fact when indeed they are lies. No one had called or asked how I was doing since then. The only communication was a text from one sister this past Saturday (Yesterday morning) that I just deleted without reading. Instead they or at least one of them are going behind my back and putting my son in the middle of it all. Their made up seeded storm.

It is a time when my life is in great turmoil and I am in need of all the support and positive energy that people can provide. I feel like that kitten hanging from the branch only my branch is just a twig and it is breaking and they are shaking the tree with all their might just to see me fall.

I am told that they are complaining because I don’t want them involved in my therapy. Honestly who would after all this. That is a bold-faced lie that has now become #Fact. If you remember the one and only time I did not want them around was when I was under obs the weekend of the bridal shower.

If I continue from this point on I will be the one making assumptions. All I know is they are toxic and they just keep proving it over and over by bashing me on Facebook and bothering my son with war and peace texting.

I am done crying over this. I can’t believe my ex-sisters are such mean girls. I am told that in one of the war and peace texts one sister is claiming she will just go away since that is what I want. Hmmm, she should get a job as a mind reader… oh wait, she would starve because she can’t read minds, at least not mine. I never ever said I wanted them to go away until today here. So if this is how they want to treat me, fine. And again, as far as I am concerned I am an only child. It’s not like they haven’t made me feel that way anyway.

I will not allow the big bad wolves to interfere in my life. I am thankful and very blessed to have some true blue friends who are there for me.

~Blessed Be~

~Diana~ (April 26th 2015)

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