Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Nine of Fire ~ April 28, 2015

Today is a good day even though I am struggling through what was a panic attack that has now simmered to an anxiety attack. Well, that is because we got a letter in the mail from the Marshal. We saw the envelope and our hands started and still are shaking. Unrealistic fear that we need to put in its place. We may do a vlog with this card too… anything to keep busy and our minds off the letter… oh, what was the letter? It was stupid shit. My car tax. I guess they go after you the moment the deadline passes. Geeze I always pay it before I renew the registration for gods sake. Come on don’t you have anything better to do??? I can think of many things besides scare the crap out of this poor thing! lol At least that is all it was… still nothing on the foreclosure. Thank God/dess! So anyway, thanks for staying with me during this anxiety attack… now let’s get to the card I drew… my intent this time was for something, anything from The Universe that will make perfect sense to me when I read it. So, lets read! 

Here is todays card: The Nine of Fire

Nine of Fire

Nine of Fire:

The council of Fire Cats gathers in their great chamber to raise magical energy and send it outward to empower their clan. They are in command of the mystical elemental entity that is Fire, and they contain it safely by the strength of their will. Focusing on the golden flames, each cat feels an answering spark kindling its soul. This is pure feline power at its best and brightest.

The Cat’s Advice:

You have all the skills, energy, and willpower to achieve your goal. You have mastered your passions and are able to channel them into creative manifestation. Your actions now can benefit all who are within your circle of influence.

If the card is reversed:

Your creative fire needs a focus and an outlet, and this can be hard to maintain when you are on your own. Good ideas fizzle out, projects are put away and forgotten, transformational energy dims or dies. Find others who share your passions and who will help keep your interest alive.

Hmm, I know I have gotten this card in the past and the change is dramatic! Each time it came to us in the past it was reversed. You can check them out by clicking HereIt truly is amazing the change. I have found my creative outlets, by blogging and vlogging I get great satisfaction and more importantly, it’s fun! It helps me. It is a positive outlet. I also find myself drawing more. So, anyway… I feel calmer right now, so I thank you for your patience and for stopping by to visit! It is very much appreciated, even if you don’t comment, it is very much appreciated! 

Blessed Be!

~Diana (April 28, 2015)

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