Mystical Cat’s Tarot ~ Two of Sky ~ May 2, 2015

Merry Meet! 

Today we set our intent on something that happened yesterday, so lets see what this card has to say for us today. It came up reversed for us.Two of Sky


Two of Sky:

The presence of other cats is detected on the wind. Are they friend or foe? The Sky Cat lifts his head and focuses all his senses to discern more carefully. The next move he makes is determined by the information he gathers now. If he strays into a hostile cat’s territory, the consequences could be dangerous. Until he knows more, he stays right where he is.

The Cat’s Advice:

Stay still and get your bearings before you take any action. This may require patience, but it will be worth it. Dashing off to pursue vague inclinations will not lead to anything. Gather more information, pay attention to details, and trust your instincts to tell you the safe and successful course of action. 

If the card is reversed:

You can now see which way the wind blows, but you may still be doubting your perceptions. Your energy may be low because of a period of stress and tension. It’s all right to wait a little longer before taking action. Wait until you are sure.

Hmmm, as a matter of fact we were given this card recently. If you want to read what we wrote about then, click Here and you can scroll to the bottom of the post. Interesting. It pretty much as to do with a decision I need to make soon. 

It seems that both that time as well as this time we have made our decision prior to seeing the card. The Universe is just confirming what we know we must do. We also know that to honor someone you don’t have to make a show of it. It can be done quietly and introspectively and if people do not understand that, it is their issue not mine. So I know what I need to do or not do depending on your perspective. 

Thanks for taking time…
Blessed Be~

~Diana (May 2, 2015)