What I learned in IOP ~ Day 10 ~ Part 2 ~ Fear

Merry Meet!

It seems that today was a good day for good readings. The one we read in our group was also really good and I thought I would share this too. 

Fear is static that prevents me from hearing myself. ~ Samuel Butler

The trouble with deep feelings is they shout over the soft-spoken voices of our thoughts. When our consciousness is bombarded with the deafening volume of out-of-control emotions, perspective is impossible.

When fear is in control, fight or flight are our only options. More often than not, we choose flight and scurry off to one of our numerous hiding places. There, we can’t hear the dissenting opinions voiced by our own thoughts; in effect, our most responsible self is drowned out.

 But action speaks louder than fear or any other rampaging emotion. If confronted directly and bravely, any tyrant emotion reveals itself as a mouse rather than a lion, a mouse whose terrifying roar is really a squeak held up to a microphone.

Deep feelings. Hmmm…. perspective being impossible. That is so true. When you are gripped in the fear and turmoil of an emotion or emotions that are too painful to feel.. it does cloud everything and you feel as if there is nothing more than the overwhelming feelings. The fear of these feelings is what leads us into the world of mind numbing behaviors. Fear can grip and dig in with its big sharp talons and what else can you think about except getting away from it. Whatever behavior is chosen whether it be drugs, alcohol, self harm… running away… it is all avoidant behavior that needs to be addressed in a very gentle way. Don’t punish yourself for wanting to avoid the emotions, the paralyzing fear that feeling them will make you explode or implode. Be gentle, very gentle with yourself.

~Blessed Be
Diana~ (May 4, 2015)