Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Earth Tom ~ May 5, 2015

Merry Meet!

Today looks like an interesting day weather-wise and I am looking forward to the possibility of thunderstorms! At least it will take my mind off of how I feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

Let’s see what this card brings to me, I couldn’t set a specific intent because I just feel really scattered inside. The card did pop reversed tho… let’s see what it means for me and maybe it has some meaning for you as well.

Earth Tom

Earth Tom

Patrolling his clan’s territory, this Earth Tom comes upon a kitten who has strayed from her litter. Without hesitation, the tom gathers up the little one and carries her safely over all obstacles to her home. With no mate or kittens of his own yet, the Earth Tom devoted himself to the protective care of his clan. He finds great satisfaction in helping others and is much-loved by his clanmates.

The Cat’s Advice

Through steady work and a cheerful willingness to help others, you are laying a solid foundation for all your future endeavors. Patient attention to increasing your skills will assure prosperity and self-reliance. This card can also indicate someone who is available to help you with practical aid and support.

If the card is reversed… 

Be sure to take care of your physical health and not overdo or take on too much work. You may have offered to help someone who isn’t showing proper appreciation. Either ask for what you need or let it go and enjoy a job well done for its own sake.

I’m not sure if I am The Tom or the kitten. Maybe my protector and the protectee are both me. I have always been one who loves to help others and as for what the foundation is that I have been and am laying… I have no clue. My foundation right now is very precarious. I have asked over and over again for what I need and all I get is negativity. Even when something looks as if it will go through, it falls through. I guess that’s all for now…

Blessed Be!
Diana (May 5, 2015)