What I learned in IOP ~ Day 11 ~ Relationships

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IOP Day 11. Relationships aren’t always with other people… well, for me as a multiple I can take any relationship advice and turn it inward to learn and grow. Our Community Meeting read was interesting and for me, I took it and put our spin on its meaning. Our comments are in (parentheses). 

A Credo For My Relationships With Others
Dr. Thomas Gordon

You and I are in a relationship, which I value and want to keep. Yet each of us is a separate person with unique needs and the right to meet those needs.

(As a multiple, we are in a relationship with each other. If we weren’t there would be more chaos than there is. Each member of The Collective is unique. Each member of The Collective is needed by the others even if they don’t want to admit that.)

When you are having problems meeting your needs I will listen with genuine acceptance so as to facilitate your finding your own solutions instead of depending on mine. I will also respect your right to choose your own beliefs and develop your own values, different though they may be from mine.

(This is a very good rule to follow, we do not always listen with genuine acceptance. Some of The Collective would be happy bowling us all over and taking over The Body. We are learning to respect what the others think/feel/want/need.)

However, when your behavior interferes with what I must do to get my own needs met, I will tell you openly and honestly how your behavior affects me, trusting that you respect my needs and feelings enough to try and change the behavior that is unacceptable to me. Also, whenever some behavior of mine is unacceptable to you, I hope you will tell me openly and honestly so I can change my behavior.

(Wow. This happens a lot… different ones not getting their needs met. Allowing their behavior to affect us whether they are doing it intentionally to hurt themselves or other members of The Collective. This kind of communication and mutual respect is something we need to strive for. Loving my others as if I would love my child.)

At those times when one of us cannot change to meet the other’s needs, let us acknowledge that we have a conflict and commit ourselves to resolve each such conflict without either of us resorting to the use of power to win at the expense of the other’s losing. I respect your needs, but I also must respect my own. So let us always strive to search for a solution that will be acceptable to both of us. Your needs will be met, and so will mine — neither will lose, both will win.

(I like this, it continues on for us as well with the mutual respect that we would like to have. We all share the same body after all! Respect, plain and simple as well as self-explanatory.)

In this way, you can continue to develop as a person through satisfying your needs, and so can I. Thus, ours can be a healthy relationship in which both of us can strive to become what we are capable of being. And we can continue to relate to each other with mutual respect, love and peace.

(I as well as a bunch of my others want to have a healthier relationship within The Collective. They tell us the ultimate goal is integration. I don’t know about that… I couldn’t stand being alone in my mind!! A peaceful co-existence for The Collective! That, my friend, is what we want.)

Interesting when viewed from the perspective of a multiple right? I mean think about it… I have altars who are stand alone, meaning they can come out and take over The Body for any length of time. It can be for moments, to hours to days, a month or even years. For example, I (Diana) have been here for 19 months (Or it will be 19 months exactly on the 8th). I am grateful each day I awaken and I am here. Sure there have been times when another will take over for a while but it hasn’t lasted an entire day yet… so we are good.

What I will do as well as The Collective is to make a pact to be more gentle with each other. A relationship is a relationship right?

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~Diana~ (May 6, 2015) 

Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Sea Tom ~ May 6, 2015

Merry Meet!

Today as it has been the past few days when we were shuffling, our intent was scattered. Got a lot on our mind. Today was my Uncles funeral and also the surprise court date. As for the court date, we faxed our request for a week continuance last night like the housing clerk advised. We will find out about that this afternoon. Funny thing is I faithfully checked the housing case lookup Monday through Friday only to be told they don’t use the website. WTF? Anyway… back to the card and I find it amusing that we had the Earth Tom yesterday and today we have the Sea Tom. Let’s check it out.

Sea Tom

Sea Tom:

On a peaceful, sun-warmed beach, a Sea Tom invites a caress. This tom lives for love, and he is willing to be vulnerable in its pursuit. Though he may be more of a flirt than a committed partner, the Sea Tom wins mates and friends alike by his openness and sincere affection. He is a charmer, to be sure, and he thinks you are absolutely beautiful. 

The Cat’s Advice:

Let your ardent spirit carry you forward in seeking your bliss, whether that is a mate or any passionate interest. You have nothing to fear as long as you are true to your heart. If this card doesn’t represent you, it can indicate a romance or other appealing opportunity being presented to you.  

I can only focus on the housing issue… I want to be faithful and not take the issue back from The God/dess but being human and being a multiple… oh boy, it’s hard not to fall into despair and the ptsd of legal issues from the past. The way way past lol. It was so traumatic that it affects us to this day. Yea, now it pisses me off. The fact that the legal system can fuck with a kid like that. Now they are doing it again… but maybe, just maybe we will catch a break this time. I believe the appealing opportunity is a new place to live. 🙂

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So, that’s all on this… thanks for taking time to visit 🙂

Blessed Be!
Diana (May 6, 2015)