What I learned in IOP ~ Day 15 ~ Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Merry Meet!

Now, tell me, didn’t This start playing in your head when you read the title? lol 😉 Anyway, back to ch-ch-ch-changes… turn and face the strange… 

It only takes one person to change your life — you. ~Ruth Casey

This reading we had in our Community Meeting really was right on the mark for us seeing that tomorrow (Wednesday May 13) is the hearing for an eviction. Eik. That means change is on the wind… get it? Winds of change. Yea, I’m stressing a bit here… just a little. lol So, the reading… here it is:

Change is not easy, but it’s absolutely unavoidable. Doors will close. Barriers will surface. Frustrations will mount. Nothing stays the same forever, and it’s such folly to wish otherwise. Growth accompanies positive change; determining to risk the outcome resulting from a changed behavior or attitude will enhance our self-perceptions. We will have moved forward; in every instance our lives will be influenced by making a change that only each of us can make.
We have all dreaded the changes we knew we had to make. Perhaps even now we fear some impending changes. Where might they take us? It’s difficult accepting that the outcome is not ours to control. Only the effort is ours. The solace is that positive changes, which we know are right for us and other people in our lives, are never going to take us astray. In fact, they are necessary for the smooth path just beyond this stumbling block.
When we are troubled by circumstances in our lives, a change is called for, a change that we must initiate. When we reflect on our recent as well as distant past, we will remember that the changes we most dreaded again and again have positively influenced our lives in untold ways.

I could not have said it better. 

I'm so excited

Blessed Be~
Chamille (May 12, 2015)

Mystical Cat’s Tarot ~ Ten of Sea ~ May 12, 2015

Merry meet! Today I just focused my intent on being provided with the card that is just right. We received the Ten of Sea… it was reversed tho… so lets see what this means for us today…

Ten of Sea

Ten of Sea:

The devotion found in the cat family is as deep as the sea. Its expression may ebb and flow because we are creatures who live passionately and emotionally. But surmounting any petty discord is absolute commitment to each other, no matter what. This is what it means to have a clan, and it begins within the sheltering embrace of family love.

The Cat’s Advice:

Seek the support of your clan, whether it’s your own blood family or those who are kindred to you through affinity of heart and mind. The power of the family is that each individual is valued and accepted while strengthening the whole as well. This unity expands to include others. Welcome dear ones into the circle of your love.

If the card is reversed:

Too much togetherness can create irritability or strife in even the closest of families. You may be feeling crowded now and need some space to refresh your appreciation for your loved ones. If you are in a bonded partnership and have offspring, you may benefit from spending time alone with your mate.

How on point this is! I have already connected with a few of my “clan” today and they have provided much support. I am so very lucky. But on the flip side… too much togetherness can create irritability… omg yes… Marshall is making me crazy and he doesn’t realize just how much his actions are hurting our feelings. Maybe he will realize it, maybe not. So, anyway… have to finish getting ready for my IOP. Catch ya later gaters!

Blessed Be!
Diana (May 12, 2015)