Mystical Cat’s Tarot ~ XIV Grace ~ May 16, 2015

Merry Meet!

The Universe sure took a while to get me the right card for today lol. Here it is… (reversed for us today.)

XIV ~ Grace

XIV Grace

Cats move with such grace and delicacy that it may seem effortless, but it takes both poise and the willingness to look foolish if we fall or falter. This blending of control and freedom is what gives us balance. Our dignity comes from inner grace as well as outer. True grace means adapting to your circumstances, allowing the waves to break harmlessly around you, without defensiveness. When you open yourself to vulnerability, you will rise from any challenge with greater wisdom. Cats move with perfect composure between worlds, always guided by our own serene spirit.

The Cat’s Advice:

Find that place of inner harmony that allows you to move through any challenge with poise and grace. If you find yourself knocked off-balance, assess what is needed to steady yourself again. Your ability to adapt to changing circumstances will make you sure-footed even in the most tempestuous of times. Seek tranquility.

If the card is reversed:

The situation may be too overwhelming to find your equilibrium right now. Have compassion for your limitations; sometimes things are just out of balance and upsetting. Take extra care of your health to manage your stress, and be sure to honor body, mind, and spirit throughout this challenging time.

Damn! So spot on! Overwhelming is not the word! It’s way past overwhelming and we are just teetering on the edges here. Bouncing through each other sparking random memories, a random smell, thought, dream, even taste. All of a sudden seeing my surroundings with “new” eyes realizing that some of us never have and never will get to enjoy our home… unless it happens within the next few weeks. lol Anyway, we need to gain some balance and I believe that there are a couple of things that will help that… the Qigong Healing session tonight and the Sprint Allstar Race! So check those links out, the Qigong is quite interesting, I have participated every time I saw him post the event. Never failed to make a difference of some sort! I look forward to this one tonight.

Thanks for taking time to sit and chat a while… even though I did all the talking lol.

Blessed Be~
~Diana (May 16, 2015)