What I learned In IOP ~ Day 17 ~ Inspiration

Merry Meet!

Day 17 was actually my last day in IOP, I am starting the morning DBT track on Tuesday. That happened quicker than I thought it would. But going back from the last IOP post, Ch-ch-ch-changes to inspiration… I find that interesting with the situation we are in. (The having to be out of our home by June 30) Changes are definitely in the wind and I guess these readings we get in our groups can really be on target. Here is one from last week.

I have found that sitting in a place where you have never sat before can be inspiring. ~ Dodie Smith

Repeatedly, today and every day, we will be in new situations, new settings with old friends, and old settings and situations with new friends. Each instance is fresh, unlike all the times before. And inspiration can accompany each moment, if we but recognize how special it is.
“We will never pass this way again,” so the song says, which heightens the meaning of each encounter, every experience. Acknowledging that something can be gained each step along the way invites inspiration.
Inspiration moves us to new heights. We will be called to step beyond our present boundaries. Maybe today. Whenever the inspiration catches our attention, we can trust its invitation; we are ready for the challenge it offers. We need not let our narrow, personal expectations of an experience, a new situation perhaps, prevent us from being open to all the dynamic possibilities it offers.

I must be willing to let my whole self be moved, inspired. I must be willing to let each moment I experience be the only moment getting my attention.

I really do find it inspiring that this change coming up in my life can be a good thing. I will most definitely be getting called to step out of my comfort zone. What else can you call being evicted from your home of 14 years? Stepping out of my comfort zone is what. I will take the advice about being open to all the dynamic possibilities and not staying stuck in expectations based on past experiences. This is a new path we are on and I choose to look at it as a beautiful adventure! A leap of faith if you will.

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Blessed Be!
Diana (May 16, 2015)

4 thoughts on “What I learned In IOP ~ Day 17 ~ Inspiration

  1. Hi hunny….I know you may think of me as one of the people holding a stone….but I’m really not. I’d like to congratulate you on starting DBT. It may be scary (what change isn’t?) but I know, because you’re smart (like me) that you’re going to do really well. Also….at some point in the near future I’d really like to chat with you…..I think it could help. Totally up to you, though. Either way, sending positive ess your way. You are important. You are loved. Namaste, kid.


    1. Hey there! Thanks for the congrats… it will be a lot of work I already know that much lol but hard work pays off. I wouldn’t mind chatting one day soon… thank you for the kind and supportive words my friend! Blessed Be


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