Mystical Cat’s Tarot ~ Fire King ~ May 18, 2015

Merry Meet!

Today when I awoke, the depression weighed heavy. Heavier than usual. Then I saw today’s date. May 18. It is the anniversary of my Pop’s death. That’ll do it. Some years I don’t even feel it and some it just hits hard like this one. Anyway, the card we received today is The Fire King. Let’s take a gander at its meaning.

Fire King

Fire King:

The Fire King radiates charisma and nobility. His brave heart will stand against any challenge, and he is ready to fight if necessary, though he rarely provokes a battle. His confidence and good humor inspire loyalty in his clanmates, who willingly welcome his leadership. Females adore him, for he is gallant and romantic as well as passionate. This king’s positive attitude will not allow for any thoughts of defeat, and he has little patience for fearfulness in others. He is a blazing beacon of courage.

The Cat’s Advice:

Stand proudly and claim your own power. No one can deny that you have what it takes to be a good leader, and you inspire others with your confidence. Whatever task you undertake now can be accomplished well if you apply all of your energies to it.

What a positive message for this sad kitty here. I can say I like it and it also embodies a ton of qualities that my Pops had. Charisma and nobility. That description fits him to a T. It also tells me to stand proud and I can do what needs to be done. It’s hard to apply all my energies because I can’t get out from under the warm comforting blanket of depression. I will try tho. I will try. After all, Fantasia is Supergirl!

Blessed Be,
Diana (May 18, 2015)