My DBT Experience ~ Week 1

Merry Meet!

For those of you who aren’t sure what DBT is I will give you a link or two and explain a little. The links are your best bet. The first one gives an overview of what DBT is and does, the second link is info on the director of the program.

It’s a very intensive program for sure. Even though we meet 2 days a week there is homework in one way shape or form every day. For me, that is a good thing. It reinforces what we went over in the 2 days of groups. When I say very intense, I mean detailed and in-depth… big time. For me, I think it’s a good way to break things down to get to the root of something. If I can figure out the exact point in time when my switch got flipped, then I can do better the next time because (hopefully) I will recognize it and take a different course of thought or action.

Judgement was one thing we talked about on Tuesday. I realized just how hard it is to express something without using judging statements. I also realize how harshly some people have judged me. Even worse is just how judgemental I can be in my own head about things. They can be people, things, actions, perceived actions… even though they may not be verbalized, they are still judgments.

One exercise we do at the beginning of each group is a mindfulness one. Today when I was doing it, I realized just how hard it is to simply notice the fact and not make a judgment about an item a feeling or a sound. For example, I was trying to describe in my head some peacock feathers without using the words “peacock” or “feather”. It’s not easy. But it’s not supposed to be easy lol. It’s a learning process of unlearning non desirable ways of how we see things. (That didn’t come out right but I hope you know what I am getting at.)

So, on that note, I will look over my homework assignments and get started.

Thanks for taking time to read with me! 🙂

Blessed Be,
Diana (May 21, 2015)