Mystical Cat’s Tarot ~ Good Kitty ~ May 21, 2015

Hello there!

Glad you could stop by… today we received Good Kitty as our card, reversed, just like the last time it picked us. Let’s take a peek and I want to see what has changed, if anything, for us since we had it last. You can check that one out Here if you want to. That was a very bad day for us, it was the day of the court hearing and I believe we may have taken 2 days to finish the post because of that.

XX Good Kitty

XX Good Kitty:

Cats do not feel shame. Although we may misbehave or make unfortunate choices at times, it doesn’t affect our judgement of ourselves as essentially good. We learn from our mistakes and grow in wisdom throughout our lives so that our elder years are serene. The Cat Goddess has blessed us and told us we are worthy of praise, and how could it be otherwise, when we are made in her image? We are all good kitties.

The Cat’s Advice:

Judge yourself honestly and assess what you need to change in order to fulfill the greater purpose of your life. Look clearly at your errors and your failings, then forgive yourself and release any blame or shame. Accept the Cat Goddess’s love and shine it on yourself as well as others. Lick your paws clean and move forward with a lighter heart.

If the card is reversed:

When you have come to a place of self-acceptance and clarity about yourself, turn your attention to the larger community–your family, your clan, any others within the sphere of your influence. How can you help others within the sphere of your influence. How can you help others feel better about themselves? How can you expand the blessings of compassion to benefit everyone? Where do you need to forgive?

So basically what I am getting from this card is that I am a good person, I am made in the Goddess’ image so I cannot be junk. Judging myself honestly, interesting. That goes with what I’ve gone over in DBT this week. More on that in another post. Forgiving myself? OMG. Not easy. Not easy at all. I know deep down, way way down that I am not to blame for my circumstances and I will not allow my circumstances to bring me down any further. I will accept that I deserve love and once I am able to come to a place of self-acceptance and clarity, that is when and only then can I truly help others. It’s time for me to be selfish in the most positive way. My featured image also goes for ourselves, I believe that forgiving ourselves can bring peace.

Diana (May 21, 2015)