Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Two of Earth ~ June 1, 2015

Merry Meet & Namaste!

I’m excited! We have yet another first time card! It’s happening a lot this year. More new cards this year than last! So, hop on and lets take a ride and see what the Mystical Cats have to say….

Two of Earth

Two of Earth:

Perfectly aligned with the energy of the planet, Earth Cats possess an extraordinary degree of balance, even for cats. Grounded and centered in their bodies, they can easily perform tricks such as this for their own amusement. Playfulness and humor help keep the practical Earth Cats from taking themselves too seriously–and that too is part of being balanced.

The Cat’s Advice:

Find your center of balance and the still point of equilibrium within you. This is especially important if you tend to take on too many tasks at once. Slow down and gain control of the situation through calmness and confidence.

Interesting, it seems to be telling me to back off once in a while from the situation at hand — recharge, refresh and start out the gate running!
What about you? Anything?

Until next time…
Blessed Be!

Diane (June 1, 2015)