Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Nine of Fire ~ 6/15/15

Merry Meet!

Today’s card turns out to be one we also had at the end of April… here it is…

Nine of Fire

Nine of Fire:

The council of Fire Cats gathers in their great chamber to raise magical energy and send it outward to empower their clan. They are in command of the mystical elemental entity that is Fire, and they contain it safely by the strength of their will. Focusing on the golden flames, each cat feels an answering spark kindling its soul. This is pure feline power at its best and brightest.

The Cat’s Advice:

You have all the skills, energy, and willpower to achieve your goal. You have mastered your passions and are able to channel them into creative manifestation. Your actions now can benefit all who are within your circle of influence.

Whatever you have going on in your life that feels insurmountable… focus, trust and believe that little inner voice that tells you whether to stay or go. Then get up and DO what that little inner voice is trying to tell you!

Until next time…

Blessed Be,
Diana (June 15, 2015)