Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Sea Queen ~ 6/17/15

Merry meet!

Today’s card picked us a in different way, it was just the way the cards separated, this is the card for today. It also came to us reversed. Are you ready?

Sea Queen

Sea Queen:

Tranquil and blissful, the Sea Queen gazes upon her world with sweet love. She is intuitive and sensitive to the moods of her family and clanmates. A gentle mother to her kittens, she is tenderly devoted to them long after they reach maturity. Her dreamy nature and gentle kindness draw cats close to her for friendship as well as romance, and once she has chosen a mate, she bonds with her whole heart. This queen’s love pours forth as freely as the fountains that adorn her realm.

If the card is reversed:

Be careful that you do not become a psychic sponge, soaking up everyone else’s moods and making them your own. Do not cling to your loved ones too much or make them feel obligated to fulfill your every happiness or follow your ideas for happiness. Learn to practice compassionate detachment.

There you have it and if this card is for you, you will know because the following will fit you like a glove. For those of you who are soaking up everyone else’s moods… take a step back today and just relax in your own mind. You may not think that is a good idea right now but, trust me, it is. There is a relaxing place you go to once in a long while. Find it and go there… relax, take time to get to know YOU again. You cannot be of assistance to others if you are stuck. You can care, you can empathize but don’t get caught in the goo of another. You can have compassion without being “right there”. They know you love them.

Until next time…

Blessed Be!
Diana (June 17, 2015)