DBT ~ One Month ~ Giving

Hi there! Glad you decided to stop by! As you guys know, I’ve been in DBT for about a month now and I still go to the community meetings before the groups. For some reason I don’t think I even have to since I am the only one from my DBT group who is ever in there lol. I like the readings and also the perspectives that others have on them. We had another one that I really liked last week. Here it is…

When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

We need to take note, today, of all the opportunities we have to offer a helping hand to another person. We can notice too, the many times a friend or even a stranger reaches out to us in a helpful way. The opportunities to contribute to life’s flow are unending. Our own vibrancy comes from involvement with others, from contributing our talents, our hearts, to one another’s daily travels. The program helps us to know that God lives in us, among us. When we close ourselves off from our friends, our fellow travelers, we block Gods path to us and through us. To live means sharing one another’s space, dreams, sorrows; contributing our ears to hear, our eyes to see, our arms to hold, our hearts to love. When we close ourselves off from each other, we have destroyed the vital contribution we each need to make and to receive in order to nurture life. We each need only what the other can give. Each person we meet today needs our special contribution.

One thing I will say is that while the readings can be mentioning God, at the programs at Yale, they do not discriminate or force anything on you. They respect that each person is an individual and as an individual they are unique with unique needs and beliefs. I say this because I am Pagan, Wiccan to be exact. This reading at first my thoughts were that how on earth am I supposed to be giving, making a contribution when everything is being ripped from me? I always give when I am able and when I am not, I feel horrible. But if I have nothing, I have nothing. Needless to say I have been feeling horrible a lot lately. But after hearing about 5 or 6 people from other groups comment on this reading in a positive way and I know that more than a few people are in situations worse than mine I figured even if all I have to give is a smile, I will give it freely. I suggest you try it too. 🙂 Until next time… Namaste, Diana (June 21, 2015)