Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Six of Sky ~ 6/21/15

Merry Meet,

Today we move from Earth to Sea. The Mystical Cats provided us with another reversed card, so don’t forget to pay attention to that part today. We have the Six of Sky. Let’s take a look and see what the meaning is.

Six of Sky

Six of Sky

It’s not easy to be part of the Sky Clan. You must be always on your guard, always ready for a fight, always on the lookout for an enemy on the prowl. This cat has had enough. Leaving the battle to rage on without him, he withdraws to lick his wounds and consider his options. He may return to his clan in time or he may strike out on his own. Either way, he will live to fight another day.

The Cat’s Advice

There is no disgrace in leaving a bad situation. Don’t let a false idea about needing to complete what you started keep you from cutting your losses. Sometimes things look attractive at the start but evolve to become untenable. Those whose opinions matter to you most will understand and support you.

If the card is reversed

You may be having regrets about unfinished business or a sense of having left others in a lurch. Assess how much of this is truth and how much is guilt. Do you feel like you must always fix things? This doesn’t serve anyone and creates a false sense of being indispensable. Let others fight their own battles.

Get on with YOUR life. Get out of others. You do what YOU need to do to make your situation bearable. Get out of that bad situation. Leave the battle to rage on without you. You may be alone for a while, but it will change for you. It may take weeks or it may take months or maybe a year but things will change and get back to a more comfortable place for you. Remember that the ones who matter will understand. Those that don’t are not worth your time and energy. You need to do what you need to do and remember that You Matter.

Blessed be,
Diana (June 21, 2015)