Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Six of Earth ~ 6/22/15

Merry Meet!

Here is today’s Tarot, we are back to Earth Cats again and this one was reversed… ok, you ready?

Six of Earth

Six of Earth:

Unlike the cold and hungry cat in the Five of Earth, this mother and her kittens have found welcoming shelter with a generous Earth Cat who has enough to share. The mother knows she must trust in the goodness of her benefactor and show her little ones that there’s no shame in accepting help when it is needed. The Earth Cat blesses her guests with love as well as sustenance, and in giving she is greatly blessed as well.

The Cat’s Advice:

Share the bounty of your life with those less fortunate. If you are the one in need of help and care, do not be too proud to accept it when it is offered. Remember that the giver receives blessings as well as the recipient. The exchange is equal, so you needn’t hesitate or worry about feeling indebted.

If the card is reversed:

Help that is offered now may come with strings attached. You may feel a heavy sense of obligation if you accept, so weigh your decision carefully to determine if the rewards are worth the price. If you are the one being miserly, consider your motivations. Either give freely or don’t give at all.

So there you have it. Are you the giver? The receiver? Give freely, receive freely… of course only after you have done your “Pro/Con” list. Be wary and believe your gut. Most likely you are the one in need, too proud to ask for or accept assistance. Let go of pride. It’s holding you back because you have way too much of it. Much more than anyone really needs. If you have nothing to give, a smile is always free. 🙂

Until next time…

Blessed Be,
Diana (June 22, 2015)