Meet Life Head On?

Merry Meet!

Positivity. Negativity. Each one we toss out into The Universe comes back at us. Toss out a smile, get one back. You walk with a bounce in your step. Toss out a scowl… people tend to avert their eyes. You walk a lonely road. Project love and light you get love and light back. Project that sad depressed puss… you just get more depressed.

…love is a great beautifier. ~Louisa May Alcott

Meeting life head on, with a smile, attracts people and situations to us. Our attitudes shape our world–which is not to deny that problems do occur. However, problems can be viewed as special opportunities for personal growth–as gifts, more or less, that we are ready to receive. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. The stumbling blocks we encounter push us beyond our present awareness. They teach us that we are stronger and more creative than we’d thought. Problem solving is esteem-building.
Negatively confronting the day is sure to complicate any experiences. A simple misunderstanding can be exaggerated into a grave situation, requiring the energy of many people to handle it. On the other hand, a patient, trusting, loving attitude can turn a grave situation into a positive learning experience for all affected.
We can beautify the day by smiling throughout all the experiences it offers us. The expression of love to everyone we meet guarantees to make us more lovable in return.

If you can’t bring yourself to smile, even a little bit, just think of this: If you walk around with a smile, people will start to wonder what you are up to lol. Think of your smile as the key to unlock doors. Your scowl or frown is a deadbolt that keeps everything out, even the light you are so desperately seeking.

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Until next time… smile and let them wonder lol!

Blessed Be,
Diana (June 25, 2015)