Mystical Cats Tarot ~ XXI The World ~ 6/26/15

Merry Meet!

Today the Mystical Cats have given us The World, reversed, but still The World! Read on…

XXI The World

XXI The World:

The world belongs to the cat. Every leaf on every tree, every stone and grain of sand, every season in the eternal dance of the turning planet belongs to us. We are happy to share it with others, for the infinite variety of creation is what makes life so interesting. What a pleasure it is to gaze out upon the vastness and the beauty! It would take more than nine lives to fully appreciate all the gifts and joys of the world, but this timeless moment is blessing enough. The greatest of the Cat Mysteries is this: life is good. A deep peace sets the soul a-purr with contentment.

If the card is reversed:

You may be feeling removed from the world, detached and disinterested from things that ordinarily give your life meaning. This can indicate a need to end something you’ve been hanging on the edges of for some time, something you have been reluctant to admit has run its course. Letting go will allow you to look toward new horizons with hope.

Take a bubble bath, light some scented candles or incense, hold a crystal… put on some soft jazz or blues and melt into the moment… relax into it. You are embarking on something completely new and exciting! Breathe it in, ground yourself and connect back to mother earth again. (Yes, even you dudes out there! Go ahead, I won’t tell ;))

Until next time…

Blessed Be!
Diana (June 26, 2015)