People were worried that I wasn’t worried about my situation and I was cutting it too close in regard to packing and finding a place. I knew that The Lord and Lady would take care of me and my son.

I asked for a place where I could have my cat. I have my cat! (Both of our cats as a matter of fact.)

I asked for a place where the morning sun doesn’t shine in on me. Done! No morning sun waking me up!

I asked for a place where I could be comfortable, almost as comfortable as I was. I am very comfortable. I have hot water after a year of a busted water heater, I can take an actual shower now. I can wash dishes in hot water! I have a nice view out the living room. I have internet and tv again…

I wanted to be able to join a gym again. There is the YMCA gym right down the street!

I have no car. Instead I have friends who offer to take me on errands.

I can go on as I find new blessings each day but you get the idea.

I have the best friends and I am truly blessed. I was taught to fly.


Until next time…

Diana (July 5, 2015)