In The Midst Of Dissociation ~ Day 165 ~ A Poem

Today during the Community Meeting there was a reading handed out. As I read it, I thought it was profound in its simplicity. I also thought I should write something like it… then my last thought was “It’s perfect. This needs to be shared.” Check it out…

There is in me
A being little known
To others

A person,
Man or boy
Locked away
I believe that he is me

More me than
The one
Anyone knows

And that he deserves
At least
A trial
Before being sealed away
Locked inside
The public face

I am still a child

Thrilled by a sunrise
Touched by a birdsong
Delighted by a clown
Frightened by hatred
Hurt by rejection
Saddened by pain

Warmed by love

~James A.

Personally, I thought it captured the spirit of mental illness. How someone with any type of mental illness can feel inside behind the skin mask we wear. Read it and read it again. We, who suffer from mental illness will do what we can to fight that stigma.

Until next time…

Blessed Be,
Diana (July 7, 2015)