Understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder, by Amelia Joubert

Some very very good info on DID for those of you who may not understand it… BB~ Diana

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“Understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder” by Amelia Joubert is an informative piece explaining what it’s like to have D.I.D.

Dissociative Identity Disorder, previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder, is a very misunderstood disorder. There is more to Dissociative Identity Disorder than just what is seen in movies and books. Dissociative Identity Disorder is very complex and can be easily misunderstood. Many people have heard of “multiple personalities” but do not know the causes of it or details.
Dissociative Identity Disorder is caused by severe childhood trauma that is often sexual, but not always. A child basically goes though a trauma that is so bad for them their mind says, “this is not happening to me. It is happening to this person”. The child’s mind splits and a new identity, or alter, is created to hold the memory of the trauma so the child doesn’t have to. After an alter is created…

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