Another Day in the Life of a Multiple

You may want to read this before you read this… that post gives an example of a day and how it can be for me. This one will give more information. I realized I never updated that one when I planned on it. Well, what do you expect from a multiple lol. I thought something was written but had to go back and look and sure enough almost 2 years ago we wrote, well, Melany, wrote that post.

I figure this time we will focus on what it was like to work having DID. We were lucky with 2 out of the last 3 jobs we had. One being a dental office receptionist in an office that our best friend at the time managed. She knew about our DID before we did. lol Very perceptive she was. She could take one look at us and decide if we needed to be in the back filing or if we were able to be out front greeting patients etc… We only worked a couple of days a week and only for a few hours at a time. Then we “graduated” to a job that eventually led to full-time and it becoming our favorite job. Again, another bestie got us the job there. I must say that I have some good friends (even though the dental office one and I are no longer friends, she was a good friend.) We started off part-time there and it was good because the spring and summer when we started was slow at night so we got to “LWOP” (leave without pay) as often as we wanted to. It was easy in the beginning because it was something new, we had our bestie there for support, and everyone was cooperating and let Joanna do the job. We did pretty good for the most part. As we learned more and more we were able to get into a specialty department where Roxy took over. It dealt with NASCAR so she was a natural at it. Roxy stayed pretty much the entire time when we were there. Then came other positions and Chamille was around a lot then. Especially when we worked for the Lift Media division. Chamille can do a n y-thing! She is a strong young woman. Everything she does comes easy to her. However… there were issues that no one ever knew. Go back to the post from the link in the beginning and you can get some idea.

Here are some examples… Chamille was not the only one who worked there lol. She went away for the most part shortly after we went over to Lift. We had to deal with quite a few switches and some fancy footwork to cover them up. Here are the examples…

  • When Melany was around, we would usually be in dark clothing and kept to ourselves. If anyone questioned us we would say something like, we were tired or we didn’t feel well. Or that it was just a bad day. Melany and her brood were really good at dealing with fraud and we would let her do it.
  • If Heidi, DieAnne, Wendy or especially Rachel were around, well, we were not able to go in or if we did try we made up some excuse to leave asap. Unless it was a Saturday. Saturdays we were on our own and were able to catch up on a lot of things we were not able to get to during the week.
  • At times when the darker ones were around we were able to work from home. Email and the occasional phone call was easier to handle when we did not have anyone looking at us.
  • We kind of got around the issue of switching by wearing different wigs or hairpieces. This way whoever was out would feel more comfortable and usually we got pretty good reactions and the one wearing the wig would feel validated. It was easier to deal that way. If you remember the post at the beginning, getting dressed could be quite an ordeal lol.

It could be hard to deal with when people would ask what was wrong, or why we didn’t remember something. Needless to say, we had a lot of cheat sheets that related to the job. It helped a lot. It was easy when we worked in Lift because we were there from the beginnings of the department and it was a small group of people that we were very familiar with. We were there for 4 years before the company went out of business and the layoffs began.

However…. when we had our last job at Cablevision, it wasn’t so easy. Sure we had a friend there as well but when we got out on the floor and found out they weren’t going to give us the shift we were promised, the problems began. Thank God/dess that we had hard copy proof of it all or we wouldn’t have retained our unemployment! We were there for only a few months. After that we just went down the rabbit hole. The problems with the bank and a few years later the foreclosure and eviction took quite a toll on us. We are still trying to recover.

Who we were then, we are no longer. She exists but not really. The person that called herself Missy is just the barrel of the kaleidoscope holding all the pretty colors and shapes together. These shapes and colors wouldn’t stay the same for long but Missy did her best to keep it in check. Then things piled up so high that she couldn’t do it any longer. Now I’m (Diana) here and I seem to have acquired a co-pilot – Joanna. A co-pilot I can deal with. A switch, no. But don’t think every night I don’t wonder before I fall asleep if I will be the one who wakes or not.

Round and round and round she goes… who pops out, not even she knows!

Until next time…

Diana & Joanna (July 16, 2015)