Ah Rachel. My scared kitten lol. I don’t even know what she looks like because she will not look in a mirror. When she comes out, she locks herself in the bedroom and covers all reflective surfaces. She likes the older country music like Reba and Shania. She will just sit on the floor listening to it. She won’t venture out of the room either. I would tell you more but for some reason she doesn’t want me to. I can feel her in the background just a little because I am telling you about her. All I can “see” is my old bedroom in our condo and a flash or two of my childhood bedroom. If she were to come out when we were out somewhere… oh boy. I don’t know what would happen because that has not happened. She cannot bear anyone looking at her that much I know. So if it did happen, it would be a disaster.

There was only one person that she could stand being around and she has passed on. She was also a multiple and I think that was why. We had the best times with her. It was like a vacation for both of us because were “free” to be. Our alters would interact with each other and it was great. I miss her terribly. She was the one who totally understood. But anyway… Rachel is the one who we do not know what she looks like, just that she has shoulder length dark brown hair. I can only see her from the back and she is sitting indian style on the floor just staring off somewhere.

On that note… Until next time…

Diana (July 17, 2015)