Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Five of Sea ~ 7/22/15

Merry Meet,

Today we have a card that popped up a few times at the end of May. So here we are again with the Five of Sea. Pay attention to the message for a reversed card as that is how this one came today.

5 of Sea Reversed

Five of Sea:

Cats do not like to fail. Loss of dignity is almost physically painful to us, and when we attempt something that doesn’t succeed, it is made far worse if anyone else sees it happening. This cat has taken an involuntary plunge while fishing. The fish are still there and he can try again, but first he must tend to his dampened spirits and his soggy pride.

The Cat’s Advice:

It’s natural to feel disappointment when you’ve had a setback or rejection, when something you wanted hasn’t come to you yet. Be aware that the story isn’t over. Pull yourself together and try again.

If the card is reversed:

Opportunities are all around you now, and more are on the way. Be sure you have completely let go of past regrets and wishful thinking about what could have been so you are ready to take advantage of everything good that is meant for you now.

Such good news! It’s time to get excited! Finally!! Let go and move on, it’s time. Enjoy your new life and trust in The Universe! You’re story is not over yet; your story is just beginning! Go! Go on and get to living it!

Until next time…

Blessed Be,
Diana (July 22, 2015)