In The Midst Of Dissociation ~ Day 182 ~ Questions

People are extremely curious when they find out I am a multiple but at the same time afraid to ask questions. Honestly, I — WE — encourage them. It helps us see where singles are coming from as well as gives us new insights. If we don’t have the answer, we tell them we don’t have an answer. If it is a good question, we tell them so. There has never been a “dumb” question asked. I will share some of them here and more in another post.

  • How many of you are there? About 27.
  • Are they all female or do you have male alters? Mine are all female.
  • Do they all know how to drive? For the most part, yes. There are some who get confused.
  • Do you know when another one is around? Most of the time, yes.
  • How do you know when another one or two is around? I can tell by how long it takes us to select what to wear and how many pieces of clothing are strewn around the room.
  • What do you see when you look in the mirror? It depends on who is around. For instance if Melany comes out and we look in the mirror she would have to “fix” the reflection to match her look/taste as best she can. Adjust makeup, hair color by putting on a wig. (Mel has dark hair, we are blonde.)
  • Have you ever woken up in a strange place with a strange person? Omg, yes. Whether it was in a strange place with a stranger or an entirely different state. Like we live in CT but the worst case was “waking” in Florida and not knowing how or why we were there.
  • Do all your personalities smoke? No, and that is why it is so easy for me to quit when I want to with no withdrawal or cravings.
  • How do you do that?! I ask those who do not and never smoked to provide us with their smoking experience and since they do not have any we get to quit cold turkey with no cravings. It is like we never even smoked but know it is bad for The Body’s health.
  • Do all your personalities have a gluten and lactose allergy? Yes, for the lactose especially, we were lactose intolerant all our life. Gluten, the same.
  • Do they have different taste in foods? Like if you are eating something and another personality comes out do they like what is in front of them? That depends on which one was there first and who came after. At least one has an aversion to chocolate and it affects them in a negative way so the entire Body suffers for hours after. Not fun.
  • What about alcohol? Some don’t drink at all, some will get a buzz quickly and have no hangover, some can drink like a fish, get a buzz and no hangover, some can drink very little, no buzz but awful hangover. So yea, it varies. So we just don’t drink.
  • How do you know what to wear? It varies, if Melany is around then we find ourselves in dark hair and dark clothes, if Roxy is around we find ourselves in a ponytail and jeans and a tee. If there are more than one around we have to compromise and Big Mama usually comes out to referee so that whatever we are doing we are dressed appropriately.

The most interesting question we were ever asked was this one:

  • Do you think that the others are actually stuck reincarnations? That question really made us think. Is it even possible? I would appreciate some feedback on that one please.

And on that note…

Until next time…

Diana (July 24, 2015)