Mystical Cats Tarot ~ XI Consequences ~ 7/24/15

Merry Meet! 

Let’s get right to it… here is today’s card: (Keep in mind the meaning for a reversed card as this one was reversed.)

XI Consequences

XI Consequences:

A simple ball of twine: one of our favorite toys. We love to chase it, unravel it, grab and shred it as it tumbles across the floor. But this cat has not been paying attention to where her wild play has taken her. Rolling the ball through brambles and rough terrain, ripping at its tangles, she has inevitably become entangled herself. There is a right way and a wrong way, even in play. It’s all very well to lose yourself in a hunting fantasy, but you must never lose sight of the consequences of carelessness. Playfulness must be balanced with awareness.

The Cat’s Advice:

Look to your actions and assess what their long-term consequence may be. Are you making responsible and ethical choices? Are you paying attention to where you are headed? Be careful that you don’t pick up unwanted entanglements that will complicate things and heed your progress. Be aware that the way things are begun influences their ultimate outcome.

If the Card is Reversed:

Negative entanglements are starting to loosen up, and with careful deliberation you can find a way out of a predicament or an unjust situation. Follow the thread of your actions back to the beginning to understand the lessons learned along the way and see how you can do better next time. 

Pay attention to what you are doing, where you are walking and where you want to be. If not you may end up in a situation you don’t want to be in. By being attentive, you may very well end up exactly where you want to be! If you can, do a chain analysis by starting from where you are and how and what it took to get you there. Weed out the un-necessaries to do a better job the next time. Maybe not “better” but maybe you will have an easier time next time you are in a similar situation. Learn and move forward!

Until next time…

Blessed Be!
Diana (July 24, 2015)