Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Earth Queen ~ 7/27/15

Merry Meet & Namaste!

Here is today’s card,  it was pulled with the intent for relationship advice… if you are in need, read on…

Earth Queen

Earth Queen:

Enthroned in her lush garden, the Earth Queen gathers strength from nature to protect and nurture those in her care. She is even-tempered, not easily upset or flustered, and these qualities endear her to her own clan as well as friendly visitors, whom she welcomes graciously. As a mother, the Earth Queen is always available for a cuddle, and nothing gives her more pleasure than feeding and caring for her kittens. As a mate, she is devoted and practical, sharing all responsibilities with her consort. Her highest priority is ensuring a comfortable life for her clan and herself.

The Cat’s Advice:

Attending to practical matters consumes most of your energy, and you take pride in caring for others and nurturing them, both physically and emotionally. Remember to give yourself the pleasure of sensual treats and attend to your own well-being. This is just common sense, which is something you have in abundance.

If the relationship you are in is a give only, then it is not a balanced one. To attend to your own well-being is to take care of your partners as well. We first must care for ourselves then the rest takes care of itself. You know what you need, stop doubting yourself!

Until next time…

Blessed Be & Namaste
Diana (July 27, 2015)