Freedom is in the Little Things

Things that make us feel free:

The smoothness of a maple leaf.
The sharpness of a holly leaf.
The perfume of a tiny white flower.
The softness of those fuzzy weeds.
The seed dance of a dandelion as I blow on it.
The birds that light on the sidewalk in front of me and then flit away.
The warm breeze against my skin.
The slow movement of the puffy clouds.
The different shades of blue in the sky.
The subtle differences in the temperature of the water against my skin.
Snowflakes on my eyelashes.
Raindrops dotting my eyes.
The softness of my cat and her purr.
The excitement of the dog when he sees me.
The taste and texture of my favorite foods.
The comfortable plop into my freshly made bed.
The rumble of thunder and flash of lightning.
The ocean on a stormy day.
Warm sand between my toes.
A message from a friend at just the right time.
Floating in the pool on a super hot day.
A glass of wine with my sisters and my niece.
Hot coffee on a chilly winter morning.
The dance of the trees on a windy day.
The beginning notes of a favorite song.

I can go on and on… but you get the point. Freedom is in the little things and I am grateful that I am able to enjoy mostly all of these and more.

Diana (July 28, 2015)