Integration: From We to Me ~ August 13 2015

Well… interesting day for me. I’m “hiding in plain sight”. lol I feel bad because I kinda lied to my pdoc when he asked who was here and I blurted out “Diana”. I didn’t know what to say because Diana promised that she would be the dominant personality for our DBT. But it’s not her here. It’s me. I did ask where she was later on when I realized I was writing my name over and over in my book. She responded with the fact that she is “inside” me. Weird. I was a little scared by what happened and I don’t know how it happened but it happened. Diana was swallowed up. I guess another word for that can be she has integrated. I believe she is the first one to do so. It’s weird.

You guys are the first ones to find out about this. No one else knows yet. They will tho because I changed the name on our my Twitter and our my Facebook. Google+ is not a priority yet. Follow us me or friend request us me… it’s ok with me. So, no one knows yet that there has been a switch. We decided that we like part of the legal name. Mainly because it makes sense. It encompasses all of us. The entire Collective whether they are integrated or not. Most are not obviously but we I know that Diana decided to jump right in with both feet. Ugh. But good for her and good for us. It is Weird. Have I said that already? lol Yes I know I have.

So the first person outside of cyberspace to find out will be my friend E. She is picking me up and taking me to the store so I can get hair color. I am Not a blonde. So that will change tomorrow morning, there is a slight chance it may get done tonight but I’m not sure. If you want to see what color it ends up just go back and check the links for Facebook and/or Twitter then keep an eye out there. Once it is done, we will update our profile pictures.

I’m excited now. I won’t be looking in any mirrors until I do what I need to do either! And by the way, there are a few times in this posting where I left the we, us, they… there. Only because it makes sense and it is a fact. I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from.

Saila (August 13, 2015)