Integration: From We to Me ~ Changes

Changes. Ha… ch ch ch ch changes… turn and face the strain… That’s what we all need to do. Turn and face the strain. Face the problem. Face the difficulty. You can’t get past something if you keep turning your back on it. Once you’ve faced it, done what you can to overcome it… then you can turn your back on it. Sometimes that’s all you can do. Like they say, you can’t beat a dead horse. No matter how hard you beat it, it isn’t going to get up. Bury it, turn and walk away. Don’t look back. Don’t visit its grave. Reminders are just too hard and painful. So…

…we change. We either grow from it or we wither. Which do I want? Sometimes it depends on how hard the strain we faced was. Sometimes the strain is so bad it feels like your life is ending. Those are the changes that can turn us from lumps of coal to sparkling diamonds – if we are open to it.

I’m wondering if what I refer to as “The Next Chapter” is actually a new book entirely. Maybe the loss of my home and having to move in with someone else and losing mostly all my possessions was the end of the last book. Maybe Diana was the last chapter – the epilogue. Maybe Diana was also the introduction for the new book? The link from one to the next.

Things have to change. Attitudes have to change. Outlooks have to change. Things are different. That much won’t change. Sometimes different can be a good thing, although a very hard thing. Sometimes the hardest things bring about the greatest rewards.

So, let life be hard, let life be different… I’m in it for the long haul and the reward. I’m strong, a warrior and a survivor!


Blessed Be,
Saila (08.19.2015)

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