Mystical Cat Tarot ~ XIX Sun ~ 08.21.15

Merry Meet!

Here we have today’s card… it came up reversed so read on as there may be a message for you here…


XIX Sun:

O blessed Sun! To bask in your heat, to feel your welcome rays of warmth on soft, furry underbelly—-this is the height of happiness. Of all the pleasures the Cat Goddess has given her beloved children, Sun is the most sublime. All things grow stronger in its light, all life gathers energy and shines it forth again. Nothing is impossible for those who are made of sunshine. We are golden, we are dazzling, we are perfection!

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card):

The Sun card reversed has the same meaning as when the card is upright, with the additional meaning that you may have trouble believing how good things really are.

The Cats Advice:

This is a time of sweet happiness for you, when you are deeply grateful for your blessings. You can relax and trust that all is well, and all will continue to be well. Let any lingering doubts be burned away like mist under the morning sun. Stretch and expand into the limitless radiance of joy.

Believe! Trust! Have faith! Things can be good without the nagging feeling that “the other shoe is about to drop”. If that is what you are thinking, give that negative thought to The Universe and let it go! Like the Cat says… stretch and expand into the limitless radiance of joy! Go ahead, you deserve it. Envelope yourself into it fully! You just may surprise yourself!

Blessed Be!
Saila (08.21.15)