Integration: From We to Me ~ Fear

So, here we are. I ~Saila~ have been here for almost an entire month. On the 13th it will actually be an entire month. I have to admit that this morning I was a little nervous because it felt like I hadn’t been to my DBT for a week or so instead of just a day or so. It felt like it was one of the first times I was going. It was a very strange feeling to say the least. I soon realized that the reason I felt that way was because I had been to The Edge on Tuesday and Wednesday and DBT is Tuesday and Thursday. So, with me actually getting out of the house those extra times, it threw me off. Can you say “whew”? I did. Usually I feel pretty trapped because I don’t have a car and the only times I know I am getting out is when my rides pick me up for DBT or if my son decides to come see me. Or if I get a friend to take me somewhere if they have time. So I pretty much lived my life around DBT on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s no wonder that it confused me this morning! lol I have a way to get out to places now! Well, places that are on the bus line anyway. The Edge is on the bus line! So getting out twice more than usual threw me off, but I look at it as a good thing! (Not that it confused me, but that I got out of the house twice as much as usual this week. Can I get a “wooohooo!”? 😉 )

The only problem it left me with is a teeny nagging feeling that we may just end up switching and falling into old patterns again without even realizing it until it happened. That causes anxiety. That’s why I was anxious today in DBT. Ha! All it takes sometimes is a blog post or a conversation with someone to figure something out. That is one reason why I love writing so much! And! I appreciate each and every one of you who reads my ramblings! 🙂 So, thank you!

funny smiling cat

I am choosing to have a positive attitude and not worry about what may not even happen. So there. And on that note…
Saila signing off…

2 thoughts on “Integration: From We to Me ~ Fear

  1. the thing about worry is that most of what we worry about does not happen, or winds up not being nearly the problem we expected—and we have expended so much energy that we need to progress in other areas—A lot of things sort them selves out if we wait & watch— Sometimes —“What is-IS” !
    much luck to you—-


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