Integration: From We to Me ~ Happiness

“We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.” ~ Anne Frank

Happiness feels so close and yet so far away. Perhaps we look to a person for it, or to a job, or to a new winter coat. We deserve happiness, we know. Yet, we learn so slowly that happiness can only be found within. The person leaves; the job goes sour; the new coat is quickly out of style. Elusive, all of them.
But the happiness that comes from knowing who we are and how our lives fit in the grand design of the Creator never eludes us. We are one of a kind. And there is no other who can offer to the world of friends just what each of us can. We are needed, and knowing that, really knowing it, brings happiness.
Before we found this program, we no doubt failed to realize our worth. We can celebrate it now. We can glory in our worth, our specialness, and we can cherish the design. We can cherish our parts and cherish the part each person plays.

Taken from ~ Each Day A New Beginning

Being a multiple who is working towards integrating, this read is very profound. Knowing happiness comes from who I am is a settling comfort now instead of a feeling of distaste and of not being able to fit in. I am happy where I am at in my life right now. As for cherishing the parts… again, profound! I never thought I could say that after suffering and living through the loss I had of my home recently. And, I just saw what I wrote there… “and living through”. That statement there says it all. I have lived through it. I’ve gotten over the hump and am slowly making my way down the other side and then up to happiness! 

A person jumps over the word Depression, riding an arrow to happiness

I will leave you with that….

Saila signing off…