The Black Crows

No, not the band. The birds. I’ve been hearing the occasional crow lately and seeing them as well… not really unusual but a little more than normal. I thought that there must be a message for me from The Universe but passed it off. I’d see a crow or two again or the crow that has been cawing in the tree out back would make himself known yet again… and what did I do? Ignored it, let the passing thought of “there is a message coming through here” pass by.

Until today. Today I was looking out the window after I heard the caws, looking up in the tree in the usual spot but did not see the crow. lol As I am typing I heard sirens and was looking out the window and, you guessed it, my crow is sitting in the tree and just flew away as if to say… thank you for finally recognizing us! Anyway, back to the crows. I heard the caw and looked up in the tree but there were no crows there… instead there was at least 20 of them on the dumpster out back! Coming and going… all flying around to catch my attention. Needless to say, they got it. In the going on 3 months that I have lived here there have never been that many crows in one spot at a time. Usually I would see two maybe three at one time, never more. Until today.

Crow is a harbinger of change; spiritual, mental and emotional. Life, death, rebirth, transition magic, watchfulness, look for opportunities coming up, aids in ability to move spiritually and physically. They teach the power and balance of light/dark and spiritual/physical. He teaches to create and manifest things in our lives, all of life is waiting. Crow announces a newness on the horizon. Are you aware of the nuances in life? Are you listening to signs around you? Crow can give strength and show you how to maneuver in intuitions and insights.

There have been a lot of changes in my life as of late. I will say they are all for the best. It is what needs to be for now. Some may not be as comfortable as I would like, but they need to be. Funny thing is I am learning to balance. In more ways than one. I am manifesting in my life. I have realized that my life is not over. My life is waiting for me to live it. To embrace it. I am learning to become aware of the nuances in my life as well as listening to my intuition. I am grateful for the crow and for The Universe using an entire flock of them to finally get my attention!

Pay attention to the little things in your life, especially if they tend to repeat themselves. You may not be as lucky as me who had ignored the sign for over a week and then was bombarded by them. 🙂

As I am proofing this and getting ready to post it, all the crows are back again!


Saila signing off…