Shattered and Tattered

There is a me deep inside of me
unknown to anyone.

Never meant to be known?
But she is there. Always. Watching and yearning.

Locked away, tossed aside.
She is the me that never got to be.

Too complicated to be understood.
Too wise for her years.

The seed that was never watered.
The bush that was never pruned with the care it needed.

The dandelion in a field of beautiful flowers.
The weed in the garden.

Left to fend for herself in that field.
Never given the direction to have a life worth living.

Feral. Lonely. Desperately yearning for another human’s touch.
Shattering herself for company.

Tossed aside like that tattered teddy bear… only this time…
Someone cared enough to pick up that bear, take it home and teach it to love itself.

I am the “me” and the “someone” and I will live my life worth living to the fullest.



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