Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Six of Sea ~ 09.21.15

Merry Meet! 

I was gone for a few days and so today we have a card again! Pay close attention to the meaning… it’s meant for You. Yes, You.

Six of Sea

Six of Sea:

We play throughout our lives, but the playful activities of kittenhood have a particular intensity that is free from any constraint of adult self-consciousness. Role-playing games grab the kittens’ imagination– they tremble with excitement while pretending to stalk prey and squeak with glee when frightened by a pouncing littermate. These plucky Sea Kittens leap into their pool like the great tigers they imagine themselves to be.

The Cat’s Advice:

 Dignity and maturity are valuable qualities, but we must always keep up the ability to play. Youthfulness of spirit keeps life joyful. Think back to your childhood. What gave you the greatest pleasure? How can you feel that innocent happiness again?

So, what do you remember from your childhood? I bet something long forgotten just popped into your head! For me, it was horseback riding with my friend Ree after a day of school. Take your memory and relive it, either with your imagination or if possible, for real! Don’t waste time! Go Play!

Until next time…
Blessed Be!