Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Ace of Earth ~ 09.23.15

Merry Meet!

Well, how about this… today we have a card that the deck has never given us before! I’m excited and I hope you are too! There is a message here for you as well as for me so pay close attention. Do you have a question? Ask it now. Also the card came up reversed so pay attention to the reversed meaning ok? If you have any thoughts on this, please feel free to comment.

Ace of Earth

Ace of Earth:

You are entering into the territory of the Earth Clan. Their emblem signifies a place where good food and soft shelter can be found. The cats you meet here are patient and generous. The way of the Earth Cats is the way of comfort.

The Cat’s Advice:

Something good is coming to you on the physical plane. It could be a gift, financial abundance, or improved health. Whatever it is, remember to be grateful. Appreciation keeps the abundance flowing. If you drew this card for a question, the answer is yes.

If the card is reversed:

You may miss a great opportunity by being too scattered and ungrounded to see it right in front of you. You may doubt your own good fortune or fritter it away through carelessness and delay. If you drew this card for a question, the answer could be either yes or no, depending on whether you accept the gift that is offered.

So, the answer can be yes or yes or no… confusing hu? Well, here is what it really means so it is less confusing. If you stop and smell the roses so to speak, you will know what your opportunity is and if you’re so scattered that you may miss the boat entirely. No one wants a missed opportunity. No one wants to look back and see that hindsight is 20/20 and you are in the midst of a pile of regret. Only then will the answer be no. It will only be no if you don’t stop and be still for that all important moment. That “Ah ha!” Moment. The moment you feel you do not deserve… you DO deserve it! When you accept that, then the answer is that resounding YES!

Blessed Be!