Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Four of Sky ~ 09.28.15

Merry Meet…

I hope you get a lot out of this card… it came to me revered so pay close attention to that meaning! There is meaning here for us all. 

4 of Sky

Four of Sky:

Sometimes a cat is born into the Sky Clan who cannot abide the conflicts that dominates the clan and rules it’s actions. Such a gentle one has withdrawn from the company of his clanmates into a field of lavender, which soothes his harried soul. He will have to return to the clan and deal with its challenges in due time. But for now, he tunes out the world and its troubles. and curls into a deep dream of peace.

The Cat’s Advice:

You need to find a quiet place to withdraw from the noise and demands of your everyday life, even if only for a short time. If you have been engaged in argument or unproductive discussion, taking time away to think in solitude can lead to a breakthrough. Coming back to center will help you find your direction again.

If the card is reversed:

Too much withdrawal from troubling circumstances can become denial. Things won’t get better without some action being taken. Seek help to find a path to lasting peace, not just a temporary armistice. It’s time to let others in.

Ah yes, time to give pride a vacation. You are that gentle soul who needs to find that calm quiet place within yourself. It is in that place where you will find the strength and answers you are seeking. You already know what you need. You also need to let your walls crack just to the point of where the discomfort and fear begin. It is there that your strength begins. You will overcome that fear and find what you have been looking for. It is there. Believe that. Stop wasting time and allow life to happen.  

Until next time….

Blessed be!