Mystical Cats Tarot ~ XVII Stars ~ 09.29.15

Merry Meet! 

Today we have one of the Major Cards… pay close attention because there is meaning for you here. Yes, You! Read on….

XVII Stars Reversed

XVII Stars:

When Bast gave birth to the universe, she blessed each of her creations with a connection to cosmic consciousness. Cats are aware of this from kittenhood. We know we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Like stars, we are bright, perfect, unique, and linked to a common origin as we live out our individual destinies. This is the great Mystery of faith: to trust that there is meaning and intention in the pattern of our lives. When we gaze upward and behold the Great Lion, we know that we too are made of stardust.

The Cat’s Advice:

Never doubt you are unique and precious. You are a vital part of the great dance of the cosmos. Have faith that everything in your life is unfolding exactly as it is meant. Trust that the pattern will become clearer to you in time. Choose your next actions with the surety that you are being divinely guided.

Are you having a hard time? Are you frustrated with a situation? Is there something that you need to do? It is in the cards but you have to let it unfold in its own time, not your time. Sure, you want a concrete answer now but chill out and relax, the time and the words are coming. Don’t worry, you have not been forgotten or forsaken… just delayed. What is meant to happen will happen. Remember that last line… “Choose your next actions with the surety that you are being divinely guided.” Relax.

Until next time….

Blessed Be!