What is free? Certainly not freedom… that was fought for. But think of the things that are free for you today…

This view is free:

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I spend time with my son, that is also free, at Osborndale State Park and we get coffee, which is also free on Fridays in October from Cumberland Farms. We pick a picnic bench and talk. I also take pictures lol. The view in my state (CT) in the fall is free to see. This year we have some remarkable fall foliage color!

The fresh crisp fall air is free… I love sitting outside and listening to the wind blowing through the trees. Watching the leaves fall around me and at times crunching through them like a little kid. All free.

Spending time with my cat Coco is also free and in my opinion better than xanax. Just take a look here… she’s a doll!

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A conversation with a friend is also free and is also usually better than xanax. lol

There are so many things out there that are free to enjoy, you just have to go look for them.

Sitting at the beach at any time is also (usually) free… for me, I especially enjoy it at night. Looking at pictures is not the same but it is… yes, free!

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The stars in the sky are free to look at… as a kid, I used to lay on the front lawn and just stare up at the sky…

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There are so many things that are free… a random act of kindness is free to the receiver and the feeling that you get is also free and fulfilling. So go out and do something free! If you want, tell me what you decided to do, I would love to hear about it… after all, sharing is free!

Until next time…