DBT & Me ~ The End is Here

Four months. Four modules. Today the time came for me to say farewell to my group-mates. It was four months of sharing and caring… learning and yearning for more. They “say” curiosity killed the cat… but not in DBT. Curiosity just made the cat stronger and more knowledgeable. With each group-mate and clinician I take away something different and helpful… from the clinicians, I take hope and their lessons and support. Especially my clinician, J., I will go more into detail as to what she helped me with in another post.

It is maybe odd to say that with each group-mates struggle I take away hope for myself. I see how far they have come even when they don’t see it or feel it. I remember that I was there as some are now in the beginning… fearful, feeling like I would never “get” what the clinicians were explaining. The difference between being judgemental and non-judgemental. Simply noticing something instead of placing a judgement on it. “Noticing” something is very different in that you are not placing a “good” or “bad” judgement on it. It frees you up to gain greater understanding of something. But as for my group-mates, I take some of their strength and fortitude. Some of them are in worse situations than I was in the beginning and they are making it through with all their bumps and bruises but with a stealthy confidence that they themselves do not yet see. My hope and what I left for them was that they can see what they have been and are overcoming and the grace that they are doing it with. I am left in awe of some of them as to what they are living with and through.

I have been through many an IOP in my day and I will say that Yale‘s has done the most for me. My true turn for the better has been going through the DBT program and working with my clinician. So, now, my end of DBT is here and I shall continue moving forward. I will be meeting with an individual therapist on an ongoing basis and continuing to make my life a Life Worth Living! After all, I have a binder full of tools and diary cards to help me and keep me reminded of everything I learned.

So, thank you Seth and your band of merry clinicians for the wealth of knowledge you provided this girl! I will be forever indebted;


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  1. So happy you are feeling positive tho leaving a situation you enjoyed—there must be many who see your progress even better than you do ! (just because it is always easier to see someone else’s changes than our own.. Keep working at it and pushing forward -you will be so happy in the end—


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