Mystical Cats Tarot ~ IX The Hermit ~ 10.02.15

Merry Meet!

Today we have The Hermit…. let’s see what this cat brings for us today. Pay attention to the revered meaning as the card came to me that way.

IX The Hermit

IX The Hermit:

The Hermit retreats to the highest branches of a magical pomegranate tree to meditate on the Mysteries. Though he prefers his solitude, occasional visitors are welcome—but, like the pomegranates, the Hermit doesn’t offer the fruits of his wisdom easily. There must be some effort involved; the ancient tree of knowledge must be climbed. Alone in his lofty retreat, the Hermit has the perspective to see far and the detachment to come to a calm comprehension of what he observes. Cats who are in the active rush of life’s adventures can’t always see the big picture. The Hermit sees and understands. 

The Cat’s Advice:

Step away from the bustle of your daily life and find the inner stillness you need. Don’t expect to understand the deeper meaning of life if you are constantly engaged in activities and busyness. Wisdom requires making time for introspection. 

If the card is reversed:

Too much solitude is as harmful as too much society. But even the most dedicated solitaries need some connection with others to keep things in perspective and prevent an inner spiral downward. Consider whether you have withdrawn from the world too much, and if so, consider your reasons. 

Are you meditating on the Mysteries or are you wallowing in depression? Have you willingly secluded yourself or have you willfully secluded yourself? We are social creatures and in being so, we need contact with others. Not so much as to be overwhelmed but just enough not to be overwhelmed. If you are one who thinks things cannot be done without you, they can and it is time for you to retreat to those high branches of your pomegranate tree so that you can see or at least get a glimpse of the whole picture. Stop and smell the roses!

Until next time… 

Blessed be!