Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Ten of Fire ~ 10.07.15

Merry Meet!!

Today I am picking my Birthday Tarot Card… let’s see what these Mystical Cats have for me and this year ahead! I’m curious, are you? Don’t worry, there just may be some meaning here for you too. So read on…. 

Ten of Fire:

The Fire Cat council shown in the Nine has lost control of the Fire! Too much energy was channelled at once, and the resulting burst of power is too hot for the cats to handle. Even spiritual fervor can become too much if not used wisely. The collective intention has shattered — it’s every cat for herself now.

The Cat’s Advice:

When things are this volatile, you must wait for them to cool down before proceeding. In the meantime, look to the cause of the chaos. Did you take on too much? Are you burnt out from multitasking? Rethink your strategy for next time so your skills and energy won’t be wasted. 

Interesting card for a Multiple who is integrating… “The Collective intention has shattered — it’s every cat for herself now.” I like the fact that it is every cat for herself. Each has her own place and only one presents – so to speak. This also has to do with control, saying to let things cool down is another way to say let it go… if you already gave it to The Universe, leave it there and cool your jets. Things will happen when they happen and not when you want them to happen. It’s a hard thing to relinquish control. That can be construed as taking on too much. Trying to gain or have control over things is just going to burn you out further. So stop, relax and smell the roses! Then remember how sweet those roses smelled the next time you get caught up in the control game or the multitask game. Some multitasking is ok, but not to the point where you end up burnt out. 

Until next time… 

Blessed Be!