Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Four of Earth ~ 10.09.15

Merry Meet! 

Today’s card has great meaning for us. Pay close attention to the meaning of the card itself. It is for you, yes, You!

Four of Earth

Four of Earth:

Having special toys and other possessions is part of the pleasure of being a cat, and we all have collections of favorite items we like to keep just for ourselves. But some cats take this to extremes. This cat has lost all sense of proportion when it comes to material goods. He’s forgotten how to enjoy his toys, and his obsession with acquiring more has become his sole focus in life. Alone and suspicious, he guards his dusty hoard.

The Cat’s Advice:

All the toys in the world are worthless if you forget to play with them. What is at the root of your need for material possessions? There is some emptiness that needs to be filled, but collecting things won’t fill it. Seek solace in companionship and simple pleasures.

Are you a hoarder? Are you falling into the pit of depression? Be careful because that can cause your world to come crashing down on you… literally in some cases. It can also cause you to become that solitary person you are afraid of becoming. Think about why you are continuing to collect without playing. Have you lost interest? Keep the few things that are important to you and get out of the house. Are you sinking into depression? Do something before it takes root in your soul. Speak about it to someone before you are unable to. Have a tag sale but bring a couple trusted friends in on it with you so that they can keep you on task! Go out for a walk or grab a coffee with a friend. After all once you “clean house” psychologically and physically you will feel better both mentally and spiritually! All you need to do is “move a muscle change a thought”.

Until next time…

Blessed Be!