Hope, the Ultimate Tease

Hope comes to you all shiny and new.

Beckoning you with promise.

The promise that you long for. 

The promise that things will finally be better.

That the spark of Hope in you will be kindled.

Fueled so you can do what you need to do instead of what you must do to survive.

Finally, Hope tells you that you can, then just as fast that you can’t.

You are up and just as fast let down hard.

You’ve been beaten down so many times, what is once more?

Hope is taunting you now.

Pulling you close only to throw you away.

Making fun of you.

Playing you for the fool.

Tossing you in the trash to be forgotten.

Until the next time Hope decides to taunt you again with shiny and new.

Will you allow Hope to taunt you again? 

Because you have always believed Hope… 

Sadly the answer is: Of course.