Mystical Cats Tarot ~ Three of Sky ~ 10.14.15

Merry Meet!

Wow! Today’s card is a new one… never before picked from this deck since it found me! Read on and check out the meaning. It’s been picked for you today especially if you are finding yourself lonely!

Three of Sky

Three of Sky:

If we choose to do so, cats can move gracefully among even the most fragile objects. These troublemaking Sky Cats choose to see how much they can wreck for their own amusement. Cherished items of adornment or veneration are valued only for the crash they make as they hit the ground. The destruction these cats leave in their wake is hilarious to them as they delight in their own careless mischief.

The Cat’s Advice:

Do not engage in petty disagreements or dramas that engage lesser minds; such activities are beneath you. Resist the temptation to abandon your own values in order to find companions. It’s far better to be on your own then to associate with those who enjoy making trouble and stirring up discord.

You need to choose to be graceful and not running around like a chicken with its head cut off. What delight do you get if your possessions are crashing around you? Are you making bad choices because you are lonely? Are you either thinking about or actually getting involved with others who are making bad choices? You will be the one who is destroyed. Like the Cat’s Advice states… it’s better to be alone (and you can be alone but not lonely) than associating with trouble. So buck up out of that depression and do something for yourself, by yourself. Go look in the mirror and say hello to that wonderful person you see reflected there!

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Blessed Be!

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