A Single Cup of Coffee

I’ve been feeling really down and out… the kind of down and out that is lower than the dirt on the ground. I feel as if it is suffocating me. Filling my lungs so I cannot breathe. Feeling like I don’t want to fight it anymore… then there was one friend and a ride home. And a single cup of coffee. And some free advice that may seem obvious to you but to someone deep in the throes of depression, the eyes do not see anymore, the heart cannot hear and the spirit is grounded with the weight.

The cup of coffee was out of the way and unexpected but that one small gesture lifted my spirit just enough to take in the advice. “Don’t look backwards.” he said. “You won’t be able to see your future.” he said. “Remember what was behind you so you don’t repeat it.” he said. “Always look forward. If you don’t, you can miss a new opportunity that is in front of you.” he said. “You’ve been in this situation before and at the last-minute, something came through for you, it can happen again.” he also said.

A single cup of coffee…. lifted this spirit just enough… for right now. Because “right now” is all we have… she said.

Until next time…

Blessed Be!

4 thoughts on “A Single Cup of Coffee

  1. Remember you are on a journey; and what does that consist of ??
    Turns, ups and downs, sometimes doubling back– ( hairpin turns??) but at some point you complete—but maybe with delays along the way. Be of courage and trust that all will work out—


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